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Purists may argue that 2004’s Richard Burns Rally and its hyper-reasonable method to rally racing set a brand new benchmark in video video games, and there is not any denying the game’s affect or how well it performs (graphics are one other story) even 13 years later. Nevertheless it’s unimaginable to search out today—I personally paid some British dude $30 for a duplicate on eBay, which showed up at my door about six months later—and in what’s surely a victory for clever customers everywhere, we’ve got a new hardcore rally sim to fawn over.

The Soviet Union captured the gold medal in men’s basketball, upsetting the United States, which until then had never misplaced a game in Olympic competitors. The victory was wrapped in controversy after recreation officials extended the competition by three seconds, permitting the Soviets the opportunity to score a ultimate basket and win fifty one-50. The U.S. workforce, believing that the final end result was unfair, didn’t attend the victory ceremony, refused their silver medals, and filed an official protest to no avail.

Grand Theft Auto V: Whatever your feelings on how Rockstar Games has determined to give attention to GTA On-line, there isn’t any denying that Grand Theft Auto V is without doubt one of the most expansive automotive experiences in video video games today. Certain, the physics may be a bit of wonky and much too forgiving, however there isn’t any other game that provides you the liberty to attempt to drive a dump truck up a mountain path, or bounce an ATV over the freeway, or try (and fail) to beat a train to a crossing, or lead the world’s largest police chase, or do actually the rest you’ll be able to dream up within the confines of San Andreas. It’s not the best automobile game, however it is the most car recreation, and that counts for something.

I am in the same boat, performed all of it in the 90s and hadn’t performed anything since Half Life, until Portal 1 a couple years again. It was all the things I wished in a recreation, I played it for about two weeks an hour or so after work, between performs I couldn’t wait going again to it. That is not terribly trendy however there you go. Someday I will play Portal 2 too.